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When choosing between natural stone and quartz countertops, it’s essential to consider aesthetics, durability, and maintenance. At Granite Empire, the top supplier of countertops in Louisville, KY, we believe natural stone holds a slight edge.

Natural stone countertops, like granite or marble, boast a unique beauty, with each slab featuring distinctive patterns and colors. They offer unrivaled resilience, withstanding heat, scratches, and stains when properly sealed. For homeowners seeking an authentic, one-of-a-kind countertop, natural stone is an excellent choice.

On the other hand, quartz countertops, while engineered, offer remarkable durability and a wide range of colors and patterns. However, they can be less heat-resistant compared to natural stone.

Ultimately, the choice boils down to personal preference. At Granite Empire, we offer a wide range of both natural stone and quartz countertops in Louisville, KY, helping you find the perfect fit for your kitchen.

Natural stone vs. quartz countertops